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Changzhou Manyulong Heat Exchanger Co.,LTD.



ADD:Changzhou wujin district weir town and village on snow

About Us

Changzhou yulong full heat exchanger co., LTD., is engaged in the heat exchanger, heat dissipation, mold, mechanical components manufacturing, sales, products are exported to at home and abroad, well received by customers at home and abroad. Has become one of the most large-scale, modern, professional manufacturing enterprises of the heat exchanger.

My company is located in the southeast of changzhou wujin taihu lake, east of wuxi, taihu lake, white in the south. Xiyi highway, ma lu level road, wujin port of habitat and the wear, products with convenient channel for delivery to clients.

The company in line with the principle of "customer first, quality first", to establish and perfect the quality of the stringent standard test system. Attaches great importance to the product test and requirements of zero repair rate is our purpose, "the service as an important part of product", developers do not lag behind, put the product as the life of need to evolve is our philosophy. Each of our friends, no matter how to know before, after the cooperation would like to have a lasting relaxed and happy mood. Each and every one of our colleagues, no matter how come in before, to go out after all hope to have a healthy atmosphere and surging passion!